game is really great opportunity to fight by the rules of Battle Royale, but now with no fire guns. In Thelast io game you will find a lot of fantasy weapon absolutely new for games in this style. Magic spells, melee weapons, as well as bows and throwing knives are available for use in this fabulous battle. Such a number of innovations makes this game a little more difficult but much more interesting than many other games in 2D Battle Royale style.

In this game everything corresponds to familiar gameplay scheme for survival games. Weapons, armor, boosters and therapies you have to get on battlefield. Only sometimes you can pick up loot in nest. Initially, the battleground is rather small, but in any case, the map will be reduced to tiny sizes. Only the last alive player wins.

About game

Thelast io game begins in the lobby where a group of rivals is formed. An interesting fact is that the lobby in this game is huge dragon's nest. Here you can find weapons for further use in main battle. After about 1 minute or when number of players is sufficient big dragon will take you to the battlefield.

Fabulous battle takes place on the territory of a small fortress built on island. Basic rules of confrontation in this game fully correspond to the usual gameplay where battle lasts until the last survivor.

Thelast io battle royale


The main feature of the game is that it's Battle Royale game where you need to fight without use of firearms. That is, no guns, no bullets and so on. At your disposal only magic and various types of ancient weapons. Due to specifics of confrontation, this game is significantly different from other games in style.

You can successfully uses magic and melee or ranged weapons. In order to survive and win you need to correctly use all types of weapons and change it in time, depending on situation. This added complexity makes game original and really interesting.

Thelast io dragon's nest

Start in dragon's nest

From the very beginning of Thelast io, you find yourself in the dragon's nest. Don't waste time and try to get weapon before disembarkation. To do this, you need to destroy egg in the middle of the nest and quickly pick up valuable loot. Only the most dexterous player will be able to get a weapon. Then dragon takes you to castle island for main battle.

The competition in the fight for drop is very high due to the large number of people willing to start battle with weapons in their hands. But getting a weapon before the landing is not enough for you to be sure of your victory, because everything is just beginning.

Start Thelast battle

Play game in Full Screen

How to play

You can land on territory of fortress or its surroundings. Press spacebar in order to leave fabulous "aircraft". Then adjust landing by using control buttons. Press and hold space bar to speed up landing.
As soon as you touch the ground, immediately start looking for various valuables hidden in chests and barrels. As a rule, a lot of loot can be found at the place of opponent's death.

Spacebar - jump and go down.
Move - WASD.
Aim - cursor.
To attack use Left mouse button.
Pick up - E.
1-6 buttons or mouse wheel to change weapons.
R – recharge.

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