The Last

The Last - Get weapons and other necessary equipment, work out your winning strategy, and fight. Can you stay the last?


The main feature of The Last io game is that it's Battle Royale where you need to fight without use of firearms. That is, no guns, no bullets and so on. At your disposal only magic and various types of ancient weapons. Due to specifics of confrontation, this game is significantly different from other games in style.

You can successfully uses magic and melee or ranged weapons. In order to survive and win you need to correctly use all types of weapons and change it in time, depending on situation. This added complexity makes game original and really interesting.

How to play

You can land on territory of fortress or its surroundings. Press spacebar in order to leave fabulous "aircraft". Then adjust landing by using control buttons. Press and hold space bar to speed up landing.
As soon as you touch the ground, immediately start looking for various valuables hidden in chests and barrels. As a rule, a lot of loot can be found at the place of opponent's death.

Spacebar - jump and go down.
Move - WASD.
Aim - cursor.
To attack use Left mouse button.
Pick up - E.
1-6 buttons or mouse wheel to change weapons.
R – recharge.