Gulch io

About game

Gulch io game is new build of 2D Battle Royale shooter created with using some new interesting tricks. The game is notable for unhurried characters movement and high survivability due to its strong armor. At the same time it is quite difficult to hit the target.

Basic Battle Royale rules is unchanged. So you have to be the last surviving warrior on shrinking battlefield.

You can build your individual strategy for each round, but you must be properly equipped to win this battle. Hurry up to collect full ammunition set of highest possible level. Quality can be determined by color. Purple items are the best.

Gulch io

How to play

In the game Gulch io a lot of attention is paid to the means of protection and special means. You can strengthen protection by body armor and helmet. You can improve shooting accuracy using a booster that is specific to each type of weapon. Also, you can expand your inventory with a backpack and increase the range by optics.


WASD - move
Left click - shoot
Right click - aim - increasing view in aim direction
Mouse wheel - change weapon
F - pick up, open

Gulch io victory game

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