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About game

Helmetroyale io game is cool online entertainment with popular rule of the last survivor. This great mode is implemented in the Helmet Battle royale game with some new features. Main difference is that in this game more attention is paid to various elements of armor.

You can increase endurance of your warrior due to the helmet, boots, shield and its strengthening by applying boosters. Otherwise, this game is typical of the 2D Battle Royal style. In the game, your opponents from all over the world will be the same online players as you are. Therefore, fun and good mood are guaranteed.

As it supposed to be, we have nothing from the very beginning of battle. All means of combat, protection and treatment, we must find on battlefield. The faster you complete your equipment, the more likely you are to win Helmet Royale battle. For this you have to be the last alive.

Helmetroyale io

How to play

For a successful confrontation with rivals in Helmetroyale io game you need to deftly move and change weapons depending on situation. Use boosters to strengthen armor. Use first aid kits to restore your health. Do not forget that battlefield will gradually decrease. Therefore, carefully monitor approaching of red zone so as not to stay out of game.

The number of slots in your inventory is strictly limited. Therefore, you cannot carry a wide arsenal of weapons. Collect only what you really use well in battle. Replace weapons with one of a higher level. Gun grade is easy to identify by color. Gray is the weakest, blue is rare, red is unique, yellow is top legendary.

WASD to move.
Click left mouse button to attak.
Aim - cursor
F - pick up item and open-close door.
1,2,3 - 7,8,9 or click on icon to change weapon and use boosters.
M - view map.
Shift or spacebar for short spurt.

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