The Last io

The Last io game

The Last io is outstanding game in Battle Royale style where you can use magic and various types of hand weapons. Particular attention should be paid to close combat, which is very effective in this game.

To successfully resist the attacks of opponents and defeat them, you must correctly use all types of weapons. In your inventory should be the means of conducting melee and ranged combat. If you are lucky you will find additional armor and magic protection.

When using magic, keep an eye on the amount of mana that is indicated by a blue bar next to the health and shield indicators. Mana regeneration takes some time, but you can speed up this process using potions.

The Last io

How to play

To survive in The last io game you will have to learn how to use knives, swords, arrows and magic spells in battle. There are also armor for enhanced protection and magical potions for healing and strengthen your character. It's advisable to stock up elixirs to quickly restore health when needed.

AWSD to move.
Attack and shoot - left click, aim - cursor.
Spacebar to jump and go down faster.
E to open and pick up. Drag and drop to free up inventory.
Buttons 1-6, mouse wheel or click on icon to change weapon.
To use potions, select it in your inventory, press and hold left mouse button while regeneration is in progress. game

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