Yo ho ho io

About game

Yo ho ho io game is a thrilling battle of pirates on islands full of treasures. In the game Yohoho.io you will have to fight for gold in Battle Royale mode. That is, the arena will gradually decrease and rivals will be forced to fight. For battle you can use different types of swords, sabers and maces.

The more coins you collect, the bigger your character will become. Character size is a very important parameter because the length of your weapon will increase significantly. Thanks to this you can easily deal with small enemies.

Coins and experience are needed to unlock new skins. The more expensive skin you have the higher combat characteristics.

Yo ho ho io

How to play

The game Yo ho ho io is very easy Battle Royale but very attractive. Every Time you finish battle you want start over again. Your task is to stay on battlefield until the end of round to be the last and richest pirate on island. Of course, every pirate wants to become richest!

Gold coins can be found in chests or just on the ground. But the main path to wealth is the destruction of competitors. Any pirate drops all his coins after death. The bigger prey the more money you get. Experience gained in battle is important to unlock new islands.

Cursor to move.
Click left mouse button to swing sword once.
Press and release left mouse button to attack in dash.

Yohoho io Battle Royale

Yohoho.io game

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